We were established 40 years ago in Venezuela, where we develop large-scale housing projects, with the construction of more than 15 thousand homes for the Venezuelan community. In 2011, we began operations in Costa Rica and Spain where we are currently developing new housing projects.

Addressing the needs of society, the priority of Inmobiliaria ConstruReal has been the creation of affordable housing in the form of housing complexes that provide the population with residential projects holistically and that improve the quality of life.

Thus, housing projects and constructions, shopping centres, recreational, residential, educational, cultural and sports facilities were created.

Rostik Group

Having been born in Venezuela in 1981, the Group has been specially developed in Russia and Europe.

During these 36 years it has specialized in developing own brands and collaborate and launch international brands in different markets.

Including: market launch of the former USSR to Kodak with all its products and services; development of the first chain of quick service restaurants ROSTIK'S which was later converted into KFC.

Currently he involved in investment projects in different parts of the world.